Setting up your restaurant website

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One of the biggest advantages of Cuismo, is the the ability to build and publish a website and menu for your restaurant  in  just a few clicks.

If you’ve already set your site’s address, defined the delivery area on the map, and set up your menu, then you are ready to go.

Click DSP & Website->Website Customization on the left menu.

First, fill in the “Subdomain prefix”, that will define your website address, then continue to the rest custom parameters at your choice.

Now you can continue uploading images, texts and color pallets under the “Design” tab.

When you are ready, click on “Publish Website”, and then click on the “Website” switch on the top left of the screen to turn your website on.

Your website is online and ready, you can click on the visit button and review it.

Note: Your website’s name will be generated from subdomain prefix field.

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