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Stripe is a payment processing service for making secure credit card transactions.

If you wish to allow customers to make orders at the website with their credit cards using Stripe, you can easily open and integrate your Stripe account into your Cuismo™ website with just a few steps.

On the left panel, navigate to DSP & Website->Website Customization

Then click on the “Payment” tab

At the “Stripe ID” field, fill in the email of your Stripe account if exist. If you don’t have a Stripe account yet it will open a new account under the email that you will choose.

Now click on the “Connect a Stripe Account” button.

You will be redirected to Stripe website. There, follow the registration steps. You may be required for email and phone confirmation to complete the registration process.

After your stripe account is approved, go back to Cuismo™ DSP & Website->Website Customization panel and click on “Publish Website”. This will update your website with the new Stripe account credentials.

Congratulations! You can now open the website, make an order, and choose “Pay with card” as one of the Payment Methods:


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