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In order to keep your customer base active and returning, at Cuismo we offer a full loyalty system. Starts from a built in Sign-Up / Login at our website template, points counting for customers according to their purchases, and ends with giving them rewards. A full round system of customer reward management.

And this is how it goes:

  • A customer Sign-Up to our Loyalty System in the website
  • From now on, we keep track and record orders under his account.
  • The more money spent on the website, the more Points given to the customer. How many Points per $ spent? This can be defined in our Rewards Settings panel.
  • After collecting enough points, customers can redeem them to rewards at the Loyalty section in the website.
  • The rewards will be sent to the customer together with his next order.

A reward could be either a free Menu Item, or extra points. And there are different events that trigger giving rewards to a customer. We would go over the subject in the next articles. But as the first step we would start with turning the loyalty system on.

Click Loyalty->Rewards on the left menu, click on the On/Off switch and there we go.

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