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Cuismo™ supports multiple ways for printing receipts and labels for your orders.

Receipts printing prints the entire recipe as ordered by the client. This Receipt is usually stapled to the entire delivered order packaging or kept by the restaurant for future reference.

Labels printed by the label printers are used to identify specific dishes one by one.

Receipt can be printed either by a standard printer or by dedicated receipt printer:

  • Standard printer: With any kind of local printer connected to your computer, you can manually print receipts for orders that has been done so far at your site.
  • Receipt printer: Using an Epson POS Receipt Printer, automatically print a receipt after an order is received.

Label printing is being done using Dymo label printer, we strongly recommend Dymo LabelWriter 450 for optimal support.

Both receipts and Labels contain a QR code. Scanning the QR redirects to a page where the customer can view his order details, view the dishes nutritional values, and from where he can signup to your website’s Rewards Program.


After adding an order  you will be automatically redirected to the Tickets View screen. Here you can view the new incoming orders.

Clicking on the + sign at the top right corner of a ticket will show the receipt. You can manually print the receipt by clicking at the red Print icon on the bottom left, using any standard connected printer.

If you like to print older orders, go to the Orders Analytics, where you can browse your orders history. Then, clicking on the Order ID will open for you the receipt for the selected order.


If you have an Epson POS Receipt Printer, and like to automatically print receipts for any incoming order, please contact us for integration assistance.


If you have an Label printer and like to automatically print labels with QR code for any dish of your incoming orders, please contact us for integration.


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