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The prediction is one of Cuismo’s most powerful tools.

Based on past data of coming from your restaurants orders, we offer few prediction tools that can give you an overview of the expected load yet to come, and give a help planning the upcoming supply management and employees shift arrangements.

Click Analytics->Prediction on the left menu.

Click on the date on the top left box, select a day, and see the expected revenue, cost, and menu items estimated to be ordered on that day. Also you can see what is the peak hour and if you can handle that.

On the middle of the screen, an hourly graph display the estimated load per hour. Next to it, another graph that sum up last week’s menu item orders.

The two tables below can give you a more detailed view of what are the menu items most likely to be ordered. The left table count the expected amount of each menu item. And on the right table, breaking the items into their ingredients, counting the estimate usage of each ingredient with its cost, comparing it to the existing amount of the ingredient (inventory amount), and an estimate of the “Stock Day”, for how many days the stock we got of that ingredient is enough for?

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