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Paypal Integration

If you wish to accept Paypal transactions at your website, with just a few clicks you can easily integrate your Paypal account into the website at Cuismo™.

First, in case you don’t have a Paypal Business Account, open one here:

Then sign in to Paypal. The email with which you sign into your Paypal account with is your “Paypal ID”.

On the left panel, navigate to DSP & Website->Website Customization

Then click on the “Payment” tab.

Here you can  tick the “Accept Paypal” box, and then fill your “Paypal ID” .

After saving the settings, click on “Publish Website”.

Next time when making an order through the website, the user can choose Paypal as one of the Payment Methods:

Congratulations, now your customers can make their orders with Paypal!

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