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Orders History

Analytics menu section will provide you historical data on your orders from various views and perspectives. If you like to review your history from the orders’ perspective, choose Analytics->Orders from the left menu and pick the required date range at the top.

Orders table can be easily copied to the clipboard or exported to to various format such as Excel, CSV, PDF or printed directly to the printer using the icons on the top right of the order’s table.

Using SUBID to track order acquisition

Note: Advanced feature.

The Order view supports filtering by restaurant as well as by SUBID. The SUBID is an excellent tool to view the origin of an incoming orders and to differentiate whether it came from a marketing Facebook campaign, google, SEO or others. In order to utilize the SUBID parameter you must include it as a URL param in your call to the actual to the menu web site in the following manner:

https://YourRestaurant.com/?subid=[identifier of your source]



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