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Each and every one of us has his own unique sense of taste. Some customers would like their pasta with extra cheese, those who keep their diets would like it with a low-fat cheese, while vegans would prefer to keep their dish dairy free.

In this article we’ll show how to offer a menu item that can be customized at the time of placing the order.

Lets continue with the “Tomato Pasta” recipe that we added in the Getting Started article. Click Settings->Recipes on the left menu and then select “Tomato pasta” from the list.

On the top left side of the screen we got the “Steps” panel. This is where we create the building blocks of the recipe. When a recipe is being prepared by the robot, the steps are being executed one by one as they show here on the panel.

Steps can be either “Dispense”, “Wait” or “Cook”. Note that at sites that are not robotic the step editor display only “Dispense” commands.

Now lets take a look at the “Dispense” command. It has the “Ingredient” and “Amount” fields which are mandatory, while the “Extra amount” is optional.

Setting “Extra amount” at one of the steps will open the option to offer the customer an extra of that ingredient by his choice.

Lets add our “Tomato Pasta” a 3rd step, with 20gr of “Paramesan Cheese”, and an option to get the same pasta, with a double amount of cheese.

And what if you like to offer an option to replace your “Parmesan cheese” with one that is fat free? or to offer the same dish but with a reduced amount of cheese or salt?

Down the screen we have the “Recipe Modifications” panel. this is where we can open more advanced customization for our recipes.

Go down the screen and click on “Add Group”

Lets call our new group “Cheese selection”. The option we add now is replacing the 20g “Parmesan cheese” we have on the recipe with 20g of a Fat Free cheese. Therefore we can describe the new option we add as our “Fat Free” option.

And there we go, our “Cheese selection” group has been added. Now we can click on “Add modification” to add more cheeses to our selection. This time adding a vegan option

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