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After adding “Extra amounts” and “Modification Groups” to the “Tomato pasta” recipe in the previous article, we’re ready to add them to our Menu Items.

Click Menu & Website->Menu Builder on the left menu and then click the “Edit” on the “Main Courses” line.

And now click on the three dots button on the “Tomato pasta” line. that will open the “Advanced Settings”.

So what do we see here?

On top we have a textbox where we can describe our dish. here we can tell our customers that we offer “A handmade pasta, with our special village tomato sauce, grated with cheese at your choice”.

Going a bit more down, we have 3 tabs: “Cheese Selection”, “Extras” & “Removals”.

The “Cheese Selection” is the modification group that we added in the previous article, with the options “Fat Free”, and “Vegan” that we opened in the “Recipe Editor”.

We may choose one or more of the options and price them if we like. Once an option is ticked, the customer would be able to choose it while ordering the dish. Note that pricing is optional. In case it the pricing not defined, the dish price will stay the same when the option is selected by the customer.

So lets click on the “Vegan” box, and say it will cost $1, then click on the “Vegan” and not set it a price.

Above the “Fat Free” we have a field called “Unmodified item description”. this will be the description of the default option, if the customer decides not to change the dish. Therefore, in our case we can call it “Parmesan”.

Now we can continue to set the “Extras”. In the previous article we’ve set an “Extra Amount” of “Parmesan Cheese” in the “Tomato Pasta” Recipe. Therefore, we can now select and price it for our dish. So here we select “Parmesan Cheese” and price it for $2, so our customers who crave their pasta with extra cheese will have to pay extra $2 for their pleasure.

On the line above we have the “Max” field. Here we can define how many options from the Extras a customer can choose for a dish. If kept empty, then there will be no limit. In this recipe we have only one option, and therefore no need to limit, so we keep it empty.

And last we have the Removals. Here we can choose any ingredient we like to allow our customers to remove at their choice. Here we select “Tomato Sauce” and “Pasta”, with Max of 1. So not more than 1 ingredient can be removed from the recipe at choice.

We can set the price of removing the Tomato Sauce will be -$1, that will give a discount for those who order their pasta without sauce.

Now we’re ready to make a new order and see the new custom made dish options being opened for our customers.

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