3. Adding Orders

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Incoming order types

With Cuismo™ there are multiple ways orders can be received or inserted to the system.

Manual Insertion. This options is very common in the cases where most of the orders are received from an external source such as: Phone call, External unconnected DSP source, replacing a bad order with a new one, or simple for manually testing the system.

Cuismo™ Generated Website. Once you defined your menu in the our platform, Cuismo™ enables you to easily generate your own fully operational website. Customer Orders that we be received by the generated website will automatically be included in your ordering system for preparation and delivery.

Connected DSPs. Cuismo™ provides connectivity to various DSP using their API partners. Contact us today or open a ticket to find our how can your DSP order show directly on your Cuismo screen, as well as having your menu uploaded directly to the various your DSP partners.

Adding a manual order

Adding and handling orders is the most common on-going task in your restaurant.  You can add a new order using the Add Order button, either from your Live->Ticket screen Live->Orders screen or Live->Dishes Screen.

Now its time to fill in the relevant customer fields related to your order. When you add an order received from a DSP, the most important part is matching the DSP id to Cuismo’s internal ID. This is mainly because some DSP orders are received without any customer details except that ID. After all relevant fields are being filled, make sure to click the next button to progress to the actual order itself.

Once the order is being created you will be automatically directed to the Tickets view where you will be able to view and control all live orders.

Adding an Order Through Cuismo™ Generated Website

Before you can start adding orders through your website, make sure you followed the steps in our article: Setting up your restaurant website.

Once your website is generated, go to DSP & Website->Menu Builder

Then click on the “View Website” button.

Add some items to your cart, and complete your order.

Tickets View

After making the orders, lets go back to the Tickets View. Here you can have an overview on your pending orders, cancel an order or a dish from an order, print a receipt, and close a ticket.

Clicking on the + sign at the top right corner of a ticket will show the receipt. You can print the receipt by clicking at the Print button on the bottom left.

Orders View

Another way to manage you orders is through the Live->Orders screen.

Here as well you can view the receipt by clicking on the Order ID button, check the order status and details, or cancel it if you wish.


Either from a single order, a dish, or a time frame perspective, our analytic tools can generate reports on your restaurant’s activity. See the revenue generated by your orders and get a better understanding of your business.

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